October  2017 East Town One Year in Review-Downtown Journal(Downtown Journal) (PDF)

July 2017 Remembering a 1972 Riverfront vision (MinnPost) (PDF)MInnPost 1972 Report on Riverfront

Mill City Times Fui YaJuly 2017 FUJI-YA SITE Mill City Times (PDF)

Park Foundation Input on Water WorksMay 2017. Parks Foundation and Park Board seek community input on evolved Water Works design concept. (MPLS PARK BOARD) (PDF) Parks Foundation and Park Board seek community input on evolved Water Works design concept – Minneapolis Parks Foundation

FinnegansMay 2017. New Designs for Finnegans Brewer, taproom. (FINANCE AND COMMERCE) (PDF) New designs for Finnegans brewery, taproom – Finance & Commerce

Mill City Quarter-Abiitan ImageMarch 2017. Downtown Minneapolis Living isn’t just for the young and the restless. (MPLS ST PAUL BIZ JOURNAL) (PDF) Downtown Minneapolis living isn’t just for the young and the restless – Minneapolis _ St

Guthrie Ecosystem Article Hero ImageApril 2017. The Guthrie Ecosystem: The Economic Magnet of the Mill District. (MINNESOTA BUSINESS MAGAZINE) (PDF) The Guthrie Ecosystem-Minnesota Business magazine-April 2017

Iron Clad is Go AheadFebruary 2017. Ironclad hotel and Residential Project In Minneapolis Given the Go-Ahead. (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) Ironclad hotel and residential project in Minneapolis given the go-ahead – StarTribune

Examiners Article GraphicDecember 22, 2016. Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office to Relocate (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office moving to suburbs – StarTribune

November samatar-crossing-november-4-2016-proposed-plan29, 2016. Samatar Crossing-Former Freeway Ramp to Re-open for Cyclists and Pedestrians. (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) samatar-crossing-former-minneapolis-freeway-ramp-to-reopen-for-cyclists-pedestrians-startribune 

healthy-community-initiativeNovember 11, 2016. “Panel: Land Bridges would offer rare chance to reinvest in places torn apart by development in Twin Cities” (MINNPOST) (PDF)  panel_-land-bridges-would-offer-rare-chance-to-reinvest-in-places-torn-apart-by-development-in-twin-cities-_-minnpost

October 13KA Project is Turning Point, 2016. “Kraus-Anderson apartment project is turning point for Elliot Park in downtown Minneapolis” (STAR TRIBUNE)(PDF) Luxury apartment project is turning point for Elliot Park in downtown Minneapolis – StarTribune

elliot-park-poolOctober 10, 2016. “Before East Town, A Journey Through Elliot Park” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) before-east-town_-a-journey-through-elliot-park-_-the-journal

rise-of-east-town-tcbm-gatefoldSeptember 2016. “The Rise of East Town” (TWIN CITIES BUSINESS MAGAZINE) (PDF) twin-cities-biz-mag-gatefold-september-2016-low-rez

1400 Park Ave ApartmentsAugust 26, 2016. “A new, historic look for Weidner apartment project” (FINANCE AND COMMERCE) (PDF) A new, historic look for Weidner apartment project – Finance & Commerce

July 2016. “Are you Down with East Town: A New Neighborhoodare-you-down-with-east-town-mpls-st-paul-mag on the Rise” (MPLS-ST PAUL MAGAZINE) (PDF) east-town-feature-mpls-st-paul-magazine-july-2016-low-rez

inside-the-us-bank-stadiumJuly 13, 2016. “Inside U.S. Bank Stadium” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) inside-the-u-s-low-rez


July 13, 2016. “An East Town Evangelist” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) an-east-town-evangelist-_-the-journal-low-rez


July 13, 2016. “Tour Through East Town’s New Development” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) tour-through-east-towns-new-development-_-the-journal-low-rez


July 13, 2016. “Walking Through the Past, Present, and Future of East Town” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) walking-through-the-past-present-and-future-of-east-town-_-the-journal-low-rez

boosters-want-to-build-buzzJuly 12, 2016. “Boosters Want to Build Buzz for the Commons” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) boosters-want-to-build-buzz-for-the-commons-_-the-journal-low-rez

easttown_mpls_cmyk_9inhr-1024x544May 7, 2016. “Stadium area gets rebrand as East Town” (STAR TRIBUNE)(PDF) stadium-area-gets-rebrand-as-east-town

strib-innovationMarch 12, 2016. “Neighborhood groups, businesses, marketers get creative with east end of downtown Minneapolis” (STAR TRIBUNE)(PDF) mill-district_-stadium-district_-east-end-of-downtown-looks-for-identity-startribune

biz-journal-where-to-nextDecember 18, 2015. “The Big Deal About East Downtown (MPS-ST PAUL BIZ JOURNAL) (PDF) mpls-st-paul-buz-jour-12-18-15-article-scan-low-rez

sen-franken-in-elliot-parkNovember 9, 2015. “An Ideal Downtown Day for Senator Al Franken, Resident Elliot Park” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) elliot-park-an-ideal-downtown-day-for-sen-november-2015

lynn-regnier-in-elliot-parkNovember 4, 2015. “An Elliot Park Enthusiast” (DOWNTOWN JOURNAL) (PDF) an-elliot-park-enthusiast-_-the-journal-november-2015

October 20, 2015. “Trader Joes to Land in Downtown
Minneapolis” (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) trader-joes-to-land-in-downtown-mpls_

August east-town-district-development-slide-show_page_12-1024x76821, 2015. “Back from the Drawing Board, Kraus Anderson Has a Much Bigger Plan” (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) kraus-anderson-adds-bar-plan-startribune1

April 11, on-the-east-side-a-new-wave2015. “On the east side of downtown Minneapolis, a new wave of development begins” (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) on-the-east-side-of-downtown-minneapolis-a-new-wave-of-development-begins-_-star-tribune

Novembmomentum-builds-for-a-lider 23, 2014. “Momentum Builds for a Lid Over 35W” (STAR TRIBUNE) (PDF) momentum-builds-for-a-lid-over-i-35w-in-downtown-minneapolis-_-star-tribune


April 2014. “East Side Story: Why Downtown East May Soon Feel Pretty” (TWIN CITIES BUSINESS) (PDF) twin-cities-business-april-2014-on-dte-development-low-rez

a-plan-to-stitchApril 11, 2014. “A Plan to Stitch Minneapolis Together Again: Cover a Stretch of I-35W” (MINNPOST) (PDF) a-plan-to-stitch-minneapolis-together-again_-cover-a-stretch-of-i-35w-_-minnpost

tcb-elliot-park-coverMay 2008. “As Developers Discover Elliot Park: A Renewed Neighborhood Joins Downtown MPLS” (TWIN CITIES BUSINESS) (PDF) elliot-park-twin-ciities-business-may-2008